Saturday, 11 February 2017

Volume 5 - 5 Fatbike Videos You MUST Watch

Festival, birki, race . . . throw the word fatbike in front of it and you know its gonna be fun.  Flotillas of fatbikes, chatting fat, riding and food all mean a good time.  In this fifth installment of the 5 Fabike Videos You MUST Watch series we look at a sprinkling of fatbike festivals from all over.

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2017 Borealis Fat Bike Worlds in Crested Butte.  Fun races, tandem fatties, bananna suits and slow motion falls in fluff snow + super photography. (2:46)

2017 Pippy Snowbike Festival in Newfoundland. It was all sunshine and bunnies . . . until the race started.  This event had a ride and race, coupled with demos, food and festivities. The 60+ riders had a blast. (5:50)

Fat Bike Race at Table Mountains Poland. Pink tights, mass start crash, a crazy skinny and thumbs up. (4:16)

2017 Snow Bike Festival Gstaad Switzerland. Beautiful scenery, climbs and cows. This four day even ran like clockwork. (3:34)

Chugach Fat Bike Bash in Valdez Alaska. Starts with epic solo downhill carving through the white stuff. Fluffy snow, open water and racing. Look out 2017. (3:46)

Ride on!


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